Tareen Education Foundation has also expanded its services, to promote Science Education, to the schools assisting government teachers and principals in their efforts to raise the standard of science education. It has established science laboratories in schools and sends its teams of well qualified instructors which teach students through an experimental approach. Additionally, TEF Annual Science Exhibitions provide a platform to students and teachers of government schools to demonstrate their talent, to exhibit their performance and to excel in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). TEF has taken the following initiatives to raise the profile of science in Lodhran.

Tareen Education Foundation has completed the refurbishment of science laboratories in 64 government high and higher secondary schools in district Lodhran transforming them into state-of-the-art functional laboratories. The access to science laboratories is of much help to our students who are now able to learn the science through practical based teaching and perform their science practicals individually, which was impossible earlier because of defunct labs.

Tareen Education Foundation (TEF) has been organizing its flagship annual event - Annual Science Fairs - in Lodhran for the past seven years. The exhibition is an important platform where participating organizations and schools have the opportunity to introduce its company/product to a large number of audience and establish a network with concerned individuals/institutions. Students have a platform to displayed their projects and models demonstrating numerous science concepts.

This event is also attended by renowned organizations to conduct demonstrations of various science experiments; host stargazing sessions in a particular environment and help students broaden the horizon of the audience about applications of science. These Science Exhibitions have received overwhelming appreciation as TEF has been able to raise the profile of science education in public schools through this initiative.

Tareen Education Foundation (TEF) takes pride in providing students of the district a platform where they can compete at an international level. TEF has successfully brought IKMC to Lodhran for students of government high and higher secondary schools. TEF has been sponsoring the students, particularly those from government schools, to appear in the international contest.

Tareen Education Foundation, a local based non-profit organization, is credited for conceiving the initiative in Lodhran, an effort towards improving the quality of education in government schools and promoting mathematics interventions in the district Lodhran. In 2018, under the supervision of TEF, students participated in such a global-level competition for the first time.

TEF is running several projects responsible for uplifting the profile of Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering (STEM) education. The initiative has received an overwhelming response from the students, parents and teachers who have been all praise for the work TEF is doing to ensure quality education in their city.

The contest provided a much-needed opportunity for students to compete at the international level and to demonstrate their talent, exhibit their performance and be in inspiration for the privileged students of the country and world.

Tareen Education Foundation has taken another step, after ensuring students’ access to science laboratories established by TEF in government schools, to help students learn science through practical based teaching. TEF has assembled teams of dedicated and passionate instructors who continuously visit schools and teach students through the two-pronged approach. Initially students are shown videos demonstrating various topics of science which helps in forming a picture of the method. It is then followed by sessions where students practically perform the practical as per their curriculum.

Tareen Education Foundation (TEF) is striving to ensure the promotion of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education in Lodhran. To achieve its dream, TEF has launched a mathematics initiative aimed at improving the mathematics skills of students. One facet of this initiative is that TEF sends a digitally-equipped team of passionate and enthusiastic instructors to students which conducts video lessons and explains the topics clearing the mathematics concepts of students.

Additionally, TEF has also been organizing workshops for professional development training of in-service mathematics teachers of government high schools in district Lodhran. Master trainers from reputable institutions conduct the training from renowned institutions providing high-quality professional development opportunities to teachers and principals across Pakistan.

Tareen Education Foundation (TEF) has already been organizing training of government teachers, providing teaching aids and establishing digital learning centers in government schools. Response from teachers, students and parents are most encouraging.

TEF has successfully introduced, under the umbrella of Mathematics Programme, International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest (IKMC) in Lodhran where students of government schools demonstrated success and won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. These initiatives are producing positive results.