Tareen Education Foundation has been keen and proactive to bring interventions in the education sector of district Lodhran, a remote area of South Punjab where TEF operations are based. The collaborations with education sectors and government schools range from provision of infrastructure to deployment of teachers to professional development workshops to initiatives for achieving higher mental health and better learning curve of students.

The outreach is important to create awareness among general public of the impacts of TEF initiatives on the education sector and share positive outcomes. It is also an effective manner to engage our key stakeholders, mentorsand professionals in crafting better and well thought-out policies to achieve welcoming outcomes. TEF updates its social media platforms on timely basis about its ongoing projects. We can be reached at

  • www.facebook.com/TEFOfficial
  • www.twitter.com/TareenEducation
  • www.youtube.com/TareenEducationFoundation