Our philosophy is to nurture an inclusive, peaceful and healthy environment in schools, and amongst local communities. This is impossible without investing on health, hygiene, environmental conservation and physical education. Over the past few years, several initiatives have been undertaken, consolidating the ground and means for a just, tolerant and futuristic development of our communities.

Buddha once said, “Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.” This is the principal which is being taught by this programme. The programme has appropriated following objectives: create awareness of hygienic and unhygienic practices, awareness of healthy habits in daily life and awareness of physical and mental health. The strategies adopted by the programme are: to organize sessions in school; conduct trainings of teachers on various subjects; maintain data of students to measure their physical and mental growth as per their age, and the distribution of first aid boxes in schools. The programme has efficiently implemented healthier practices among students, which are certainly helping them avoid diseases.

TEF in order to: break the social and cultural taboo about the menstruation; raise awareness about this natural physical phenomenon; promote healthier and safer methods to deal with menstruation; and, improve the menstrual health management has launched a programmed under the name of Menstrual Hygiene Education Programme (MHEP).

MHEP is being operated in 31 schools, and the targeted grades are 6th to 12th. The beneficiaries has climaxed to almost 7000 students, previously unaware of the utmost importance of menstrual health. The programme has multiple facets to make it more comprehensive and encapsulate various aspect of menstrual health. The MHEP programme delivers informative lectures and plays videos to students in 31 schools; installed SND boxes in 31 schools, refilled after regular intervals; distributes products – undergarments and napkins – to schools; and organizes the Mothers Club-a monthly meeting with mothers to distribute products and to have discussion about the topic.

TEF has successfully introduced the programme in Lodhran where students of government schools are learning about the menstrual health and avoiding contracting major diseases.

These are annual meetings with mothers of local community to start discourse about topics considered as taboo, leading to major diseases among girls because of lack of awareness. The products are also distributed among the mothers who lack awareness to buy and access to these products.

The programme delivers regular awareness sessions through informative lectures and video sessions to raise consciousness about many girly topics. These sessions are conducted by trained instructors who have successfully disseminated knowledge of numerous women related issues to girls of various schools.