Our philosophy is to nurture an inclusive, peaceful and healthy environment in schools, and amongst local communities.

This is impossible without investing on health, hygiene, environmental conservation and physical education. Over the past few years, several initiatives have been undertaken, consolidating the ground and means for a just, tolerant and futuristic development of our communities.The physical training and sports are the healthy tools to ensure the mental growth. Sports inject the positive energy and sportsman spirit in a person enabling one to deal with the circumstances with a calm mind. TEF has delineated a set of ensure the mental growth through sports, promote sports, and promote extra-curricular activities for enhancing mental power of our youth.

he professional physical training instructors conduct regular visits of the schools in order to organize the training sessions of teams of throw ball, dodge ball, and cricket. Simultaneously, the programme distributes sports kits and material in abovementioned schools to ensure the smooth continuance of sports, and organizes the tournaments to bring the athlete students at a single platform. This is coupled by tournaments of mentioned sports among the schools where students have an opportunity to showcase their athletic skills. It all climaxes into physically and mentally strong students with better abilities to live active lives.