Library Programme is one of the remarkable initiatives of the TEF with the highest return in the terms of students’ growth. The programme has is determined to achieve following objectives: promote the culture of reading, making reading a hobby, build self-confidence among students and encourage Students to learn.

The programme has distributed about 10,000 books in 27 libraries established by TEF. With the intent of introducing a new paradigm, these Learning Facilitation Centers (LFCs) to cater to the modern day needs of our students and teachers. LFC, one of our brain-child, is centered around a library which serves in a non-traditional role by catering to career counselling, debates, quizzes, scrabble, mother’s clubs and etc. We believe that these LFCs will prove to be an integral step towards ensuring inclusive growth of students.It has proved itself to be the best investment of TEF visible in the mental growth of students.