TEF believes in bridging the digital divide and ensuring that students of remote areas, especially girls, have access to quality ICT education. It is taking steps towards raising the profile of IT education in Lodhran. We at Tareen Education Foundation believe in transforming schools into platforms that encourage creativity and innovative thinking.

Today technology is playing a crucial role in the development of society. TEF has decided to promote digital literacy to the students across Lodhran. The initiatives of TEF in achieving its purpose of promoting IT are unique and welcoming.

Information Technology is the future with the world rapidly turning into a Global Village we used to talk about a decade ago. The future belongs to countries who excel in digitalized institutions and research in information technology.

Tareen Education Foundation – keeping the needs in mind – provides students from Lodhran an opportunity to participate in Computer Short Courses (CSCs). TEF sends its dedicated, learned, and passionate instructors to numerous government schools for conducting CSCs. The professional and dedicated teachers of TEF are introducing students to latest practices in the field of information technology.

THE CSCs have been designed using an unorthodox approach. The major focus of the courses is on practical usage of computer instead of using the dominated approach of teaching theory.

TEF aims to ensure – using the best resources at its disposal – that this professional training would enable students to step in the field of Information Technology.

Tareen Education Foundation (TEF) has been working to improve quality of education in Pakistan with prime focus on Information Technology. TEF has upgraded 7 Computer Laboratories in Government High and Higher Secondary Schools in Lodhran.

Additionally, it has also established 2 Digital Learning Centers (DLCs), and 1 Informational and Communication Technology (ICT) Centre in Lodhran Public School (LPS), Government Girls High School Lodhran, and Government Girls Degree College Lodhran respectively.

Through its efforts in the domain of IT, TEF wants to ensure availability of platform to students, especially girls, of Lodhran so that they can become an active participant of this digital world.

TEF believes in promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), which has led to the initiation of MakerSpace. Our MakerSpace has been initiated in a total of 21 high schools. It helps engage and stimulate the brain to help young learners acquire skills such as trial-and-error problem solving, perseverance and grit. Moreover, our maker space workshops provide teachers with the working knowledge of the latest practices in the field of science and robotics.

The MakerSpace Programme was initiated with the aim to achieve the following objectives: enhance Critical Thinking among students; incline the students towards technical knowledge along with theory, and sharpen the Problem Solving Techniques of Students. A professional team runs this program, with a focus on preparation of basic structures; Robotics; and Coding & Programming.

There is a designed syllabus, with a major focus on practical involvement of students. The remarkable success of programme has motivated the team to translate it into a Learning Module, with an initial focus in TEF schools. This programme is indeed contributing towards the critical thinking and problem solving techniques of students.

Tareen Education Foundation (TEF) is striving to promote quality education in the government schools. The initiatives of TEF work to promote stem education in the schools. Its Mobile Tablet Programme provide students: access to tablets and a platform to progress on government’s initiative - Literacy & Numeracy Drive (LND). It certainly helps students to excel in digital education, bridge digital literacy gap, and acclimatize students to the digital world.

Tareen Education Foundation (TEF) has already been working to: provide access to ICT education, bridge the digital gap in the education system as global developments require, and ensure participation in the digital society.

Digital Library Programme brings a mobile classroom to students where students are equipped to learn various topics by watching numerous videos. The video lessons also composed of motivational lessons which play an essential role in helping students to exact more efforts to achieve their dreams. This initiative is constructive in broadening the horizon of students by enhancing their knowledge through these video lessons.