Art Programme was initiated with the rationale of promoting Art as an intrinsic part of life. It also aims to promote artistic thinking among the students broadening their imagination. As part of the STEAM agenda, we believe in harnessing the artist in every individual.

It is important because we feel Art has the transformational capacity of changing the traditional means of thinking and instilling a tolerant, intelligent and virtuous worldview. Our Art Program, comprising on a team and dedicated Art Room set up by TEF in the Prototypes of Modern Public Schools, works towards integrating Art in the school curriculum and awakening the artist in young students. Our teachers also undergo training in which a particular focus is placed on how Art could be used as an essential tool for better learning outcomes.

The programme commenced to familiarize Art as an intrinsic part of life with four underlying objectives: conducting art classes, decoration of classrooms to exhibit the Art as something internal, capacity building training of teachers and Art Exhibitions. A team of professional instructors is behind the wheel who visits the schools regularly and organizes the sessions. The programme has a designed syllabus, which covers the lectures of all facets of Art and drawing.